Excerpts from Recent Work

2012 Reel

Reel Breakdown

Disney Tinkerbell Series Highlights

1. Tinkerbell Model Facial Blend shape system
2. Trolls Heads and Facial Blend shape system
3. All Character models / Blend shape system
4. Hair Grooming Modeling

Tinkerbell Grayscale Turns




Resume - Character Modeling/Animation & Production
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Unified Pictures
Noah's Arc
Modeling Vis Dev/Animation Artist Jan '14 - Jan '15
Crest Animation
Character Modeling Artist Nov '11 - Jan '14
Disney Toon Studios  Tinkerbell Series 1-5  Character Modeling Artist
Tinkerbell and main characters, Facial Animation system
May 05-Nov 11
Disney/Pixar "PLANES" Main Characters Models/Facial Animation Systems  
Crest Animation "Arthur's Missing Pal" PBS kids show Character Models  Feb 05-May 05

Mike Young Productions /Moonscoop

"Jakers, Adventures of Piggly Winks" 2004 Emmy Award Winner (Art Direction) for PBS kids show


Main Character modeler, using Maya and XSI softimage.

May 02-Feb 05          
Dreamworks Feature Animation  Short "First Flight" Modeler of main characters Jan 03-  Aug 03
Engine Room, Tiger Hare Studios, and Metrolight Studios Freelance Work Mar 01- May 02
Moon Crescent Productions "PC and the Web" Environment  Modeler on Feature Film. Maya and XSI softimage Oct 00-Feb 01
Freelance   June 00-Sept 00
Dreamworks Feature Animation "Spirit Stallion of the Cimarron Modeled props plants and extras using Maya Mar 00-May 00
Netter Digital   "Max Steel" and "Dan Dare"

Character, environment, and prop modeling and texturing. Created with Lightwave software

Nov 99-Mar 00

Sony Development         

Modeler Animator Artist on motion ride "Yellow Submarine" at Sony's Metreon centers Berlin and Tokyo.        
Lightwave software.

Feb 99-Oct 99
Dreamworks Feature Animation

Effects Animation Modeler on Prince of Egypt & Eldorado City of Gold.
Created digital models and animation controls in Alias/ Maya software.
Interacted with artists and directors on creation of 3d models that were
integrated into drawn animation and painted backgrounds.

Jan 96-Aug 99
daVinci Time and Space

Alias Modeler/ Animator/ Artist on Children's Interactive Television Project

April 95-Dec 95
Metrolight Studios Modeler/ Technical Director

Production on Film effects and Television commercials.
Sept. 93-April 95
VisionArt Productions

Technical Director/ Modeler/Artist

Worked on production of Television Commercials, Titles, Promos, and Shows.

Nov. 90- Aug. 93




Coursework in Character Animation, Rigging, and Surfacing.  
California Institute of the Arts

M.F.A. Program in Experimental Animation.  Related course work includes

Beginning to advanced computer graphics animation, video production
University Wisconsin, Madison B.S. Fine Art/ Communication Arts Film and animation studies  
University Wisconsin, Milwaukee

Film and animation studies

Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design

Foundation coursework in design and fine art.